Study of Thermophysical Properties of Silver Nanofluids by ISS-HD, Hot Ball and IPPE Techniques

Mansour Kouyaté, Agustìn J J Flores-Cuautle, Eli Slenders, Jan Sermeus, Bert Verstraeten, B. M. L. Garay Ramirez, Eduardo S M Martinez, L Kubicar, V Vretenar, J Hudec, Christ Glorieux (see publication in Journal )


In this work, the impulsive stimulated scattering technique, in a heterodyne diffraction detection configuration (ISS-HD), was used to study the dependence of the speed of sound and the thermal diffusivity on the concentration of silver nanoparticles in water, to which also d-glucose and carboxymethyl cellulose were added, in order to reduce sedimentation. The ISS-HD results, which show a slight increase of thermal diffusivity with increasing concentration, were cross-validated with results obtained by the inverse photopyroelectric method and the hot ball technique.